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Agile Project Management, The Must Have Skill

By , March 13, 2012 10:30 am

Agile Project Management, The Must Have Skill

So many companies are looking at Agile development. It makes so much sense, agile makes projects more flexible and more manageable. Project management is enhanced by the agile methodology, not replaced by it. Every manager, even those who never think they will ever use agile can benefit from learning it. The PMI has this to say about it.

As more companies incorporate agile practices, it’s fast becoming a hot new skill. Here’s how to build your expertise — and show it off to employers.

28 February 2012

Agile is going mainstream — giving a distinct edge to project professionals with expertise in the area.

Sixty percent of 6,042 software project managers and developers from around the world reported that up to half of their company’s projects are implemented using agile practices, according to the “State of Agile Survey,” sponsored by VersionOne and conducted by July-November 2011. The survey also revealed 17 percent of companies don’t currently practice agile but plan to in the future.

Tech research giant Gartner predicts that 80 percent of software development projects will use agile development methods by the end of 2012. And although it has its roots in software development, agile is quickly spreading into other sectors.

“You’d better get on the agile train and learn it if you’re going to be a successful project manager in the future,” says Donna Reed, founder of The Agilista PM, a Seal Beach, California, USA-based consulting firm.

Project professionals must first develop a firm understanding of agile — and be willing to adjust. With traditional project management approaches, most of the parameters are known before launch. Agile, however, is iterative, with goals, milestones and features subject to change midstream. 

“Many classically trained project managers feel unnerved when dealing with the lack of prescription in agile projects,” says Simon Robertson, PMP, principal project manager and trainer of Robertson Consulting, Stockbridge, United Kingdom. “They find themselves fighting to be in control instead of embracing the constantly changing environment.”


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