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If studying for the PMP® exam is giving you anxiety and headaches, then it is time you learned about the easy way to pass the PMP® exam. Get your PMP training from 40+ hours of PM Prepcast video. They can be downloaded to your computer or your mobile device. All of the PMP® topics such as integration, scope, time, cost, quality, HR, communications, risk, and procurement are discussed and presented in an easy to digest way. You get lots of tips and tricks about passing the exam, sample exam questions, and 35 contact hours for your PMP® application. Jump on board, and get your PMP® exam training the easy and efficient way.

Check out the The PM Prepcast.

Cornelius Fichtner

Let Cornelius Fichtner and the PM Prepcast Help You Be Efficient With Your Time

Need to be efficient with your time? Download 40+ hours of video from The PM PrepCast™ and you’ll fast track your way to PMP® Exam success! With over 12,00 students who have used this program, it is quite simply the best, most affordable way to study for the PMP® exam. Significantly reduce your study time and increase your chances of passing your PMP® Exam the first time!

The PM Prepcast is the Easy Way!

If you are trying to find the easiest approach, you have found it: Simply order, download and watch the video lessons on your computer or portable player. The PrepCast reduces the pain and anxiety of your exam preparation to a series of easy to follow videos. Don’t waste your money on expensive PMP® bootcamps. Stop spending your days in a boring, ineffective class. Just watch The The PM-Prepcast™. It is everything you need to succeed!

Become Acquainted With Your New Favorite PMP Product

The PM Prepcast is without a doubt one of my favorite tools. I would listen to it during my commutes. It follows the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge: (Pmbok Guide) (Paperback) version 5 very closely, but it is a lot more entertaining, and it provides working examples that the PMBOK guide leaves out!

Get the The PM-Prepcast Today

The PM Prepcast is PMP Exam Preparation Training, and a lot more!

Video Training

You are going to get over 48 hours of training, you can count towards your 35 contact hours of training. There are like 111 video lessons. You can download the lessons via RSS or download them to your iPod or other mp3 player. I absolutely love that I can take my course with me anywhere.


The interviews with recently certified PMPs make a lot of difference. These guys tell you exactly what helped them pass the PMP and what just wasn’t that useful. I used their feed back to make a list of what I wanted to study and focus on.

There are also interview with people involved in project management. They talk about current topics and how the credential applies to everyday kind of things. I really liked the interviews.

Email Course

I received a 12 issue email course. Each issue was dedicated to a chapter from the PMBok guide. It also had helpful hints for preparing for the exam. The email course has some sample PMP questions in it.

Sample Questions

There are about 75 sample questions. After taking the course, and listening to the training, you take the sample questions. Passing the sample exam gives you the confidence that you have learned and retained the material. It is also one of the criteria for qualifying for the 35 contact hours. You will need more sample questions to really be ready for the exam. Add the PM Exam Simulator to round out your study.

A PMP Exam Study Checklist

There are few things that are as powerful as a simple checklist. Cornelius’s checklist is just the thing to make sure you have everything ready for the test day, and you have studied everything that you really need.

Access to the Forums

The PM Prepcast has its own member forums. Once you purchase the product you have access to the forums. There are more than 10,000 other PMP students who have purchased the PM Prepcast, on the forums you can ask questions and someone will have some thoughts and advice out there. I think this is one of the premium features that no other training has.

Don’t Rely on Just My Word For It

There are hundreds of testimonials from satisfied customers and those who have been helped by this product.

First let me start by saying thank you for the excellent way you presented the PMBOK in a straight forward and understandable way. As a person who does not have much extra time in the day I found it almost impossible to study by reading. With the PM PrepCast I was able to listen to the lessons during my 45 minute ride to and from work, as well as my exercise time in theevenings. The mobility and easy of the PM PrepCast allowed me to study for and pass the PMP exam. Once again I thank you, Carl N. Paul PMP

I used both PM PrepCast and the electronic flashcards. Both tools were absolutely indispensable! I had taken a terrific exam prep course at a local community college. It provided me a solid foundation in PMI PMP terminology. However, due to a combination of work and personal schedule and the high demand on exam dates before Aug 31, 2011 – I really needed a transportable system to keep up my studying and solidify my knowledge. I loved loved loved the PM PrepCast significant amount of studying done every morning. It was a productive family vacation – and to top it off – I passed the exam the first time I wrote it – 1 week after a family vacation with my 3 preschool kids! I have recommended the PM PrepCast system to friends – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to you!

Elizabeth Ford
Ontario, Canada
M PrepCast is a great tool to earn the required credits for applying for the PMP exam. It not only helps your earn the contact hours required but helps prepare you for the PMP exam by giving you explanation of concepts, PMI-isms and important topics you should keep in mind. Interviews from real people who appeared for the PMP exam and several complimentary lessons are really helpful to create a confident mindset towards PMP certification. I have already recommended this and other PM related products from OSP International to my friends and would recommend it to anyone serious about obtaining PMP certification.

Saurabh Gupta

I absolutely loved the PM PrepCast. When I started my journey to PMP, I wanted to treat it a clean slate so was looking for some self study mode, where in I could understand the concepts better and also achieve the 35 hour contact certificate. PM PrepCast helped me achieve both. The biggest USP of the PM PrepCast is the fact that you can listen to it anywhere. The instructor has made every effort to make it more interesting, and kudos to Cornelius. I highly recommend this product for anyone starting the PMP preparation. :)

Ajay T Sankaralingam
There are many many more at
Don’t delay. Get your copy of the Project Management Prepcast here.

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