Organizational Process Assets

Your company or organization has, or should have, lots of organizational process assets. As a project manager, you will be adding to the asset pool of your organization as you submit various forms and reports. These assets can be used to influence your projects success. The organizations knowledge base grows as it accumulates more of these process assets. The following is a list of possible organizational process assets. It is not all inclusive, but is put forth as an example of what should be included and what can be used as organizational process assets.

⚫ Organizational process standards and policies, including health, safety, ethics, and project management standards and policies.

⚫ Standardized work and instructions guidelines, proposals, evaluations, criteria for proposals and evaluations.

⚫ Templates, work breakdown structures, project schedules, schedule network diagrams, standardized forms, and reports.

⚫ Criteria for the organizations standard processes.

⚫ Communications requirements, including standards for technology, media, data retention and security.

⚫ Guidelines for project closure, audits, evaluations, acceptance criteria, etc.

⚫ Financial controls, reporting times, expenditure and disbursement information, accounting codes, contract provisions.

⚫ Issue and defect management processes.

⚫ Change control procedures.

⚫ Risk management procedures, including risk analysis and impact reports.

⚫ Process measurement databases and measurement data.

⚫ Project files, scope, cost, schedule, performance, project plans, reports, calendars, risk registers, risk response planning, etc.

⚫ Historical information, lessons learned, documentation, decision criteria.

⚫ Configuration management databases, data, and resources.

Organizational process assets can be used from previous projects to aid in planning and estimating both cost and schedule of current projects. Documentation from past related projects can help identify additional risks and add clarity to suppositions and assumptions. As the project manager, you must add to these valuable resources that will be important on your project and for those projects that come after yours.

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